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 A document titled "Power of Attorney for Estate Planning" with legal terms - Legal Advantage GroupNeed Guidance To Set Up A Power Of Attorney?

Creating a Power of Attorney is critical for protecting your future and making sure your affairs are handled according to your wishes. Legal Advantage Group, based in Edmond, OK, has extensive experience in creating customized Powers of Attorney documents for clients in an array of specific and unique situations. We ensure your needs and preferences are addressed in as comprehensive a manner as possible, providing you with priceless peace of mind and assurance that your legal and financial matters are in trusted hands that act in your best interest.

Why Choose Legal Advantage Group

When you choose Legal Advantage Group to handle your Power of Attorney-related needs, be it creating one or amending an existing one, you benefit from a team dedicated to protecting your interests. We bring in-depth knowledge and experience to the table to produce legally sound solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Finding It Difficult To Understand How A Power Of Attorney Can Truly Help You?

Many people are unaware of all of the various types of Power of Attorney and the distinct purpose each serves. Knowing this is critical, as you’ll need to have some idea of how a specific type of Power of Attorney may be relevant to your situation. Common types of Power of Attorney include:

General Power Of Attorney

These grant broad powers to agents to act on the behalf of principals in a variety of situations, such as handling bank accounts, signing checks, managing real estate, entering into contracts, and filing taxes.

Durable Power Of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorneys is similar to General Power of Attorneys but typically remains in effect even if the principal becomes incapacitated.

Special Or Limited Power Of Attorney

These grant agents the authority to act in specific situations, generally outlined in the document.

Medical Or Healthcare Power Of Attorney

With this Power of Attorney, agents are granted the authority to make healthcare decisions on behalf of principals if they cannot do so themselves.

How We Assist You Through The Process

We do everything we can to make the Power of Attorney process as streamlined and straightforward as possible. Our step-by-step approach is how we make it happen.

Initial Consultation

We begin with a consultation to understand your unique requirements. This will help us determine the Power of Attorney you truly need and begin brainstorming how we can bring it to life.


From there, we’ll produce a draft of your document tailored to your situation. We make every effort to use clear and precise language to avoid any confusion or ambiguity. Your document will specify the extent of authority you want to give your agent.


We’ll review the draft together with you and make any necessary revisions. Our goal is to ensure it accurately reflects your wishes. We’ll guide you through the execution process after everything is finalized, too.

Ongoing Support

At Legal Advantage Group, we view the attorney-client relationship as just that; not a transnational agreement. Having partnered with your own attorney from our team, we won’t abandon you once you approve your document. We’ll remain available for support and making amendments well into the future, should either be necessary.

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